Maracat Caravan

Sirkus Aikamoinen: The land of the happy

The land of the happy is musical circus in the spirit of Federico Fellini’s film ”Clowns”. The driving theme throughout the performance is circus itself: the memories circus carries, the small movements and actions that make circus special, and the ways circus connects us to the world around us. Circus ranging
from classical to contemporary is performed, presented and displayed accompanied by live music played by the artists.

The performance is not clownery, but a portrait of the absurd chemistry between people, painted with means of contemporary circus and musical performance.

 Sirkus Aikamoinen

Sirkus Aikamoinen is a Finnish contemporary circus group founded in 2009.

In Aikamoinen’s work the strength of the group is the combination of different elements they use in their work: a large repertoire in circus disciplines and circus technique, coreographical movement, live music played by the artists themselves on stage, and the strong friendship between the memebers of the group.

Sirkus Aikamoinen has been working in Finland and Europe since 2009 producing and performing it’s previous shows Skaala (2009), Aisti (2011, co-production with Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe), Pluto Crazy (2012, co-production with the Norwegian Cirkus Xanti) and other smaller shows.


Maracat Caravan participates in the marketing, selling and tour management of the show.