Maracat Caravan

Clunker Circus: Fuzzy dice circus

Circus straight from the parking lot of a 90′s mall.

An old, barely mobile auto finds it’s way to the site. A small yet

full-blown circus show with a girl and two guys ensues filled with

acrobatics, roller blades, hula-hoops, stunts of stupidity and 90’s dance


Suitable for a whole-family audience, this self-contained circus show is

made to travel and visit any place ready to welcome a car.


Duration: 30 min

Premiered in July 2013


Performers: Saana Peura, Jori Reunanen, Rasmus Witikka

Director: Maksim Komaro

Producer: Petteri Jakobsson

Production: Clunker Circus, Maracat Caravan

Co-production: Circo Aereo, Cirkus Xanti, Jakobin Sirkus