Maracat Caravan

Clunker Circus: Wonderfully much of everything

Wonderfully much of everything is the second production of Clunker Circus. This indoor show is technically very light and suitable for different venues and schools etc.

The show has two main themes; circus as physical action and recycling.

Circus creates an immediate correspondence between its’ operator and the surrounding world. This bond is based on actions that break and mold and affect the world in most concrete ways. The set design of the performance is a van full of stuff – junk and abandoned objects – things that from one angle seem like junk or trash, but seen from the viewpoint of circus turn into an inspiring playground. Shovels, planks of wood and plastic plants become a platform for acrobatics, dance and object manipulation. Useless creativity uplifts the mundane objects and forms them to become parts of beautiful and imaginative imagery.

This performance recycles, destroys and builds but most of all it attempts to convey a positive and uplifting idea of our bodily nature and its’ possibilities within the physical world we occupy.


See the trailer of the performance from Vimeo. If you wish to see the whole performance or get more information, please contact Petteri Jakobsson.

Follow the activities of Clunker Circus at their web pageFacebook and Instagram.


Duration: 50 min

Premiere: 13.3.2014, Cirko center, Helsinki


Performers: Saana Peura, Jori Reunanen, Rasmus Witikka

Director: Maksim Komaro

Costumes: Suvi Hänninen

Producer: Petteri Jakobsson

Production: Clunker Circus, Maracat Caravan

Co-production: Circo Aereo, Circo Futura, Cirko, Cirkus Xanti, Jakobin Sirkus

Support: Ministry of Education and Culture, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Nordic Culture Point, CARE/ EU creative culture