Maracat Caravan

Clunker Circus: Nothing

Nothing is a new performance from Clunker Circus that premieres in May 2016

At first there’s Nothing on stage. Two artists draw a line to the floor. A line can combine two people or separate them. One dimensional line grows to a 2d space. The artists move on and inside the marked space and create an illusion of a continuos change of a perspective. Things and spaces grow and disappear from Nothing in the spirit of cut out animation and old computer games. Eventually the stage grows to a 3d building inviting the artists and part of the spectators into a new space. 4th dimension opens up to spectators virtually through smart phones after the show.

Nothing plays with dimensions, spaces, perspectives and imagination. Circus techniques organically mix with dance movement, real life animation and virtual dimension to create an unique experience for spectators.

Nothing is the opposite to the company’s previous performance. Where Wonderfully much of everything was a praise stuff with van full of junk, Nothing starts with an empty stage. All the equipment is carefully selected and there’s minimum amount of props on stage.