Maracat Caravan

Cirkus Xanti: Amber’s small circus

The world’s smallest circus tent is Amber’s very own secret hidey hole. More than anything, she loves climbing on the rope that hangs from the roof. As she climbs, she wonders how our bodies and brains really work, and why. Do our arms and legs have their own memory? Do our brains get to make all the decisions? And do goldfish have a good memory?

Duration : 25 min

The show can be performed in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English and Icelandic. Portuguese and French translations will be made during Spring 2015.

Idea, direction and text: Sverre Waage
Music: Nils Økland
Performer: Karoline Aamås / Viivi Roiha
Light designer: Juho Rahijärvi
Producer: Petteri Jakobsson
Production: Cirkus Xanti, Maracat Caravan